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  • News recap: Fiber optic cable nearing capacity

    In telecom news, researchers say fiber optic cables are nearing their capacity limits, while telecom and cable providers are making gains in the home security market.

  • A guide to news and analysis from HIMSS 2015

    The Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society Annual Conference & Exhibition will be hosted at McCormick...

  • News recap: Verizon snaps up AOL mobile technology

    In telecom news, Verizon snaps up AOL for mobile video and advertising technology; data center interconnect shows major revenue growth.

  • News highlights of 2014

    Flicking back through the issues of the MicroScope digital magazine these were some of the stories of the month and provide a quick overview of a year that saw plenty of acquisitions, more channel investment from vendors and ongoing fears about...

  • News recap: Fiber services reach 42% of businesses

    In telecom news, a report shows that fiber services are reaching more businesses as operators increasingly deploy fiber, while the Ethernet switch market continues to hit revenue records.

  • News recap: FCC defends net neutrality vote

    In telecom news, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler testified in defense of the commission's net neutrality vote, while Cisco expanded its networking portfolio capabilities.

  • News recap: FCC merger reviews delayed

    In telecom news, the FCC merger reviews for AT&T and Comcast were temporarily halted, while carriers prepare to launch OTT services.

  • Top SDN news and trends of 2014

    SDN analysts have a hard job. The technology has both boiled over with market buzz and yet remained at a simmer in actual uptake. To forecast in such an environment seems impossible.

    As journalists, we don't forecast markets, but we can...

  • Enterprise Connect 2015: News, trends and video

    Enterprise Connect...
						<span class= conference_coverage   |

  • News recap: 2015 global SDN implementations vary

    In telecom news, IDT Telecom is the first U.S. carrier to directly connect to Cuba after the FCC approved its Cuba telecom deal; meanwhile a new TechTarget survey found differences in SDN implementations by region.

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