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BI & Analytics

Find articles and resources for your UK business intelligence (BI) and analytics strategy. Get resources on a variety of BI topics, including the latest news and trend stories on business intelligence technology, software, systems and platforms as well as business analytics software and tools. Also, read business intelligence case studies about UK companies and learn about the latest business intelligence strategies and best practices. Read about new business intelligence trends and new vendor products. Get advice and expert tips on setting up executive dashboards and business scorecards, business analytics reporting and ensuring a successful business intelligence integration implementation. More about BI & Analytics


In this section, you’ll find UK database management strategy information that can help your organisation, including news and best-practices advice on UK database administration and management. Read breaking news on different database management systems and products, including Oracle databases, IBM DB2 and Informix, Microsoft SQL Server and open source data management software. Get the opinions of industry analysts and other experts on database management technology, to help you decide which is the best database software or database administration tools for your company; also, get guidance on how to build a successful database management program. Learn about the advantages of proper database management and read tutorials that will give you an introduction to database management and administration techniques and concepts. More about Databases


In this section, you’ll find news stories and other information to help your UK corporate performance management (CPM) software strategy. Stay up to date on new CPM product releases, and get expert advice on how to evaluate CPM software and select the best tool, find the right CPM pricing for your company and manage corporate performance management systems. You’ll also find corporate performance management case studies on how UK businesses are using CPM technology, plus best-practices tips and advice from CPM experts and industry analysts. In addition, learn how to make business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management technologies work together to help your company grow. More about CPM

Data warehousing

Help ensure that your data warehouse implementation is successful with our UK data warehousing strategy information and guidance. Find information on how to select a data warehouse application and deploy a full-fledged data warehouse platform, and learn how to build a business case for your data warehouse project and calculate data warehouse ROI. Get news and trend stories on data warehouse vendors, vendor acquisitions and data warehouse solutions and applications. Read about data warehouse management and market trends, and get tips and best-practices advice from data warehouse experts as well as tutorials and UK data warehousing case studies. More about Data warehousing


Find valuable information on UK integration and master data management (MDM) strategy and technologies. Read up on the latest data integration and MDM developments, including news and trend stories about data integration systems and MDM hubs. Get best-practices advice and read case studies on how UK companies are choosing and managing their MDM and integration software, building a data integration business case and measuring their return on investment (ROI) from MDM and data and application integration projects. Also, learn about service-oriented architectures (SOA) and application integration middleware and get guidance to help you decide if they’re right for you. You’ll also find book excerpts, guides, tutorials and other information on data architecture, data modeling and application integration technology. More about MDM/Integration


In this section, find information on UK data quality management and data governance strategy and technologies. Read case studies on how UK companies are using data quality management software and developing a data governance process to help improve their corporate data assets. Get breaking news about data quality software and reports from Gartner and other consulting firms, and get up to speed on best practices for designing a data governance strategy and implementing data quality tools. Learn about the data governance maturity model, different approaches to data stewardship and how poor data quality can affect your company. Find governance data tips and advice on topics such as solving data quality problems and setting up a data governance council. More about Quality/governance